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Our Target Market: How Do We Find Our Clients?
We don’t look for companies that are merely responding to change; we look for companies that are engineering change. How do we select our corporate clients? We ask the right questions.

Although our due diligence process is much more comprehensive than can be outlined in a few questions, we begin our selection process by asking the most

Important fundamental questions, in order to filter out all but the most promising opportunities:

Does the company have the vision, the technology, the business model, and the leadership in management to execute on their plan?
Has the company accurately assessed the competitive landscape, and do they have significant advantages over competitors which can be maintained?
Has the company’s proprietary product or service offering been tested and proven to be effective in the market place already?
Is there a commitment to integrating, if not creating, the latest technologies?
Is the company fast moving, and flexible enough to respond to changes in the market place? Are they willing and able to adapt to ever changing market conditions?
Is the company willing to offer their share capital at a low enough price that will enable new investors in the company to reap tremendous returns when the company goes public?
Is the company far enough along in their business plan to justify an IPO or public listing within the next six to twelve months?

Expanding into Europe’s Market

Many small and micro-cap companies in North America are seeking to expand into Europe, but lack of knowledge and familiarity with the area holds them back. Corporations looking to open offices of manufacturing facilities in Switzerland come to Galileo for assistance in successfully setting themselves up in the country and eventually the continent. Galileo provides these companies with a local presence and so-called “feet on the street.”

Galileo is open to consulting with many different types of small cap companies; however, our focus is biotech and high-tech companies or companies in other rapidly growing industries that can demonstrate real value and real leadership in their fields. For such companies that are seeking to penetrate the European market, Galileo can establish local offices, banking relationships, and open up crucial business networks. In addition, Galileo is capable of handling local financial and accounting functions and can bring in legal expertise as is necessary. Our management team is fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, English, and Hebrew.



Raising the Funds You Need

Raising the Funds You Need
With the world’s major economies back on a growth trajectory, the IPO market is coming back to life. With the revival of the IPO market, interest from savvy investors in private companies that have what it takes to go public has been on the rise.The highest returns can often be made by investing in a company poised to go public, as the spread in valuations between private and publicly listed companies is often significant.

At Galileo, we target those companies we believe will make the leap to the public markets in the coming months. We seek out businesses that can rapidly grow and become dominant players in their respective fields, businesses with competitive advantages that can be maintained. Businesses with what we refer to as disruptive technologies – that is technologies that will forever change the industry they are operating in.

Typically, large and savvy financial institutions have dominated the world of private equity, with venture capital firms taking control of the most promising of opportunities. However, at Galileo, working with wealthy private investors or “angels,” we offer young and rapidly growing companies an alternative to the behemoth venture capital firms (often referred to as “vulture capital” firms by entrepreneurs familiar with their often brutal demands for corporate control). As a result, companies that choose to work with Galileo benefit from increased flexibility, faster responses, and a more streamlined process from start to finish

Working with financial institutions and private investors, our firm is able to move quickly to seize opportunities while venture capital firms deliberate endlessly as they sort through a bureaucratic process, passing each company’s business plan from committee to committee. While many venture capital firms can take as long as three to nine months to arrive at a decision to invest, Galileo has been able to move with far more speed and focus by concentrating on only several opportunities each year, selected from literally hundreds of opportunities most of which fall short of our stringent criteria. By acting with speed, we offer our international client base of private and small institutional investors opportunities they would otherwise not have access to until after a public listing. Our ability to offer our investors such venture opportunities is unique and can have a meaningful impact on the overall investment portfolio.