Galileo Asset Management SA is a corporate finance firm founded on the core principles of integrity, a commitment to excellence, and to delivering results.

We  focus on securing funding for private and public companies through private placements, PIPEs, debt, equity, and project financing.   We seek to work with companies that can deliver both top-tier returns for investors as well as enable social, environmental, and economic benefits.  We are thus most active in the life science, renewable power, clean-tech, and sustainable development sectors of the market. Our clients are primarily companies that operate in North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Israel.

We start our corporate selection and due diligence process by asking a few basic questions:

  • Does the company have a unique and promising vision?
  • Has the company accurately assessed the competitive landscape, and do they have significant and sustainable advantages over competitors?
  • Has the company’s proprietary product or service offering been tested and proven to be effective in the market place?
  • Is the company innovative and flexible enough to respond to change?
  • Does the board of directors of the company have a realistic valuation of its business?
  • Does the company have the technology, business model, and management leadership to execute and make their vision a reality?

If you think your company can achieve both the types of returns that investors demand, and the social, environmental, and economic benefits that will help humanity, we welcome you to contact us and begin a conversation with one of our bankers.

Contact Information

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