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Our Approach: How Do We Respond to Your Needs?
Galileo was formed to augment our ability to very effectively respond to our clients’ needs with both traditional and innovative investment styles. Each manager boasts a proven track record in his or her line of financial expertise. Our approach consists of combining sophisticated financial models and theories with our extensive knowledge and experience to produce optimal results for our clients, while containing costs to a minimum. We are well aware that
investors have many financial advisors from which to choose, and our goal is to offer our clients genuine advice armed with superior expertise and up to date market information.

Asset Management

Whether you are an individual seeking to maximize your capital gains or simply to produce income, your investment advisor will work with you to understand and meet your financial goals within your time horizon. Each financial advisor maintains close communications with private clients to ensure flexibility should goals change. In addition, Galileo prides itself on our ability to offer investors a wide variety of offshore and Swiss banks from which to choose. Our team works vigilantly to keep up-to-date on the many investment products available on the markets today.

Offshore Banking offers numerous benefits to wealthy investors. A vast amount of legitimate funds is invested offshore in addition to more traditional Switzerland. While Swiss banks maintain outstanding levels of service and quality, holding one’s assets offshore can offer other benefits. The client’s assets are held in a private, secure account, assuring the investor that his or her assets are protected. In referring our clients’ asset accounts to various offshore banks with which we have held long-standing business relationships, we are providing a safe and secure alternative banking option for those clients who do not wish to meet the new Swiss banking rules that require depositors to travel to Switzerland and open an account in person. Furthermore, we maintain relationships with USA based brokerage firms, many of which offer advantageous opportunities to leverage investment capital, sometimes by a factor of 10 to 1, without incurring interest charges. As with any business, key relationships with trusted companies and individuals are the key to our – and our clients’ success.

Private Placements

Galileo also specializes in private placements in both private and public equity. We consider ourselves exceptional in the field of Private Placement Offers and have successfully raised over $100 Million in the past for companies across various industries. We approach such offerings trying to structure the optimum deal to benefit both the company and the investors in the longer-term. When securing investments in public equity, Galileo works with both high net-worth individuals and fund managers who look to invest up to $5 Million in small and micro-cap companies. Galileo seeks investments in private equity from individual investors interested in making private investments in companies of which they wish to become partial owners.

Investments in private placements are typically non-liquid investments in the short-term and are only available to those investors who fully understand and are able to undertake the additional risks involved in these types of investments.

Hedge Funds

Galileo Asset Management has searched across the globe to identify alternative investments and hedge funds that truly provide the investor with superior performance. Take one excellent example: The Praetorian Fund, Limited is a British Islands Registered Fund that invests in highly liquid US securities. The Fund is managed by Siesta Key Asset Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor, based in Siesta Key Florida. The Praetorian Fund is managed to produce absolute returns (positive returns regardless of market cycles) and to reduce volatility that is usually associated with equity investments. Management believes its proprietary trading platform and investment methodology will translate into above market returns and lower volatility. This is achieved through the usage of hedging strategies to reduce market swings.

The Fund’s target is to achieve 15%+ annual returns for investors, while reducing downside risk by 20%. The Fund typically holds 40 to 100 security positions concentrating on Long-Short Equity holdings and covered call and covered put option strategies to lower risk and volatility. The Fund’s current BETA is tracking at .31 (BETA measures share price volatility compared with the benchmark S&P500 Index equal to 1.00. A BETA greater than 1.00 indicates a higher volatility than the benchmark index, while a BETA below 1.00 signifies lower share price volatility.)

The Praetorian Fund is well suited for risk adverse equity investors. In today’s low interest environment, the Praetorian Fund can provide investors with long-term equity returns with bond portfolio risk.

The management team’s investment performance since 1995 has repeatedly earned the fund managers a position in the top quartile of the AIMR (American Investment Management and Research) Rankings.

Fund prices and management fees
Minimum Capital Investment: $100,000 USD
Fund Management Fees: 1.5% per annum, plus 20% performance bonus